Bianca, 35, hails from north London but now lives in south London with her partner, 3 dogs and cat.

A proud woman of mixed heritage – Jamaican and Sicilian descent, she attempts to bridge both cultures in everything she does.

She first began dabbling in the world of sustainability around 7 years ago when she launched her first fashion e-commerce business called GLDN. The website was based around reducing what you buy and creating a capsule wardrobe of incredible clothing that would last you a lifetime, a truly pioneering premise during a time where fast fashion websites were growing in popularity. Although the business is no longer active, she says, “you never know what the future holds”.

Around 3 years prior, she started blogging. Writing and creating content was the passion project she never knew she wanted and she has never looked back since.

She decided to quit her day job in the corporate world in July 2021 and has gone from strength to strength.

Bianca has adopted a multi-hyphenate way of working, now as a Podcaster, fashion writer for Eliza, Sustainability Consultant and digital content creator – she has worked with incredible brands across a wide range of industries. Bianca was featured in a sustainability segment for ITV news in September 2021 and continues to expand her knowledge of the world of sustainability through her podcast, Sustainably Influenced.

Sustainably Influenced

Sustainably Influenced is a platform created by influencers Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams. The podcast was created to help guide people through the minefield of sustainability. The podcast started in January 2020 after the success of an earlier event by the same name the previous year. Both Bianca & Charlotte describe themselves as “eco-curious” rather than activists as they believe that sustainability is an ever changing construct and means different things to different people. Over the past 2 years, the podcast has gained notable traction and they have been asked to speak at many events including the Cheltenham Literature Festival in October 2021. Catch their weekly podcast episodes on Apple Podcast & Spotify!