Why I’m On a Mission to Destigmatize Outfit Repeating

4th February 2022

“Didn’t you wear that last week?!” A question that in my 20’s, filled me with dread and made me feel as if the ground was about to open up and engulf me; now feels somewhere akin to a badge of honour or commendation for my services to my wardrobe. When asked that very question in the past, I would grimace and respond that I had in fact worn it before, but immediately head to the nearest store for a browse or check the “New In” section at ASOS.

I have always loved clothes and changing my look but at the same time, I have always been someone who packs items away seasonally or when they no longer excite me. I love the idea of going through my case a year or 2 down the road to find the old loves of my fashion life.

Anyway, as time moves on and people find out I’m trying my best to be more conscious about my purchases, the question has evolved from negative to something more positive, like “wow, you really get a lot of wear out of your clothes” or “can you teach me how to style my pieces differently so I can buy less?”. For me, wearing clothes again and again shows me that what I buy is exactly what I like, it shows me that my decision to part with my money, was in fact a good one and that I am trying my hardest not to add to the problem, but rather, the solution.

It should go without saying, but it’s TOTALLY NORMAL to rewear your clothes – we all do it, but in this age of posting everything on social media, we have become nervous about posting the same outfit incase it doesn’t get “the likes”. It has become too easy to buy a cheap dress for an event rather than wearing something we already own to fulfil our need for that feeling of “something new”. We need to work on loving what we already have, on finding new ways to consume and more importantly, to tell ourselves that if a certain item of clothing, or even an outfit, makes us feel amazing; that we can wear it as often as we like. This year, it’s all about mindset and I’m on a mission to change the mindset of this around me.

Here are a few pieces I love to wear, on repeat.

The same jeans…

The same sweater again and again…

Even jumpsuits can be worn repeatedly…

Bold prints can be worn multiple times…

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