Rental Platforms You Need To Try In 2022

12th January 2022

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest global polluters. In recent months, I’ve seen an eye opening statistic doing the rounds on social media that if everyone in the UK didn’t buy new clothes ‘for one day, the emissions saved would be equivalent to driving a car around the world 8,640 times’. When you really think about it, it does make you stop in your tracks.

With consumer habits changing and with sustainability now one of the most widely searched phrases on Google, it is clear that making a difference matters more now, than ever before. But what can you do when you want to help make a difference, but love fashion?! Many don’t like the idea of shopping second-hand and even when you look after what you have, it can get monotonous, wearing the same pieces on repeat. For me, the next best thing is fashion rental. I definitely have my favourite fashion rental platforms, based on my needs, so here is a list of some incredible fashion rental platforms you need to try…


Loanhood is a very new peer-to-peer platform offering a range of vintage, high street and even second-hand pieces! Points to them for promoting circularity and sustainable practices!


A firm favourite of mine, Onloan is a subscription based rental service where for £69/£99 you can rent 2/4 pieces for an entire month. They stock cool, cult brands like Stine Goya, Shrimps and Mother of Pearl. They also have a resale site called Offload where you can buy many of the pieces on the site for up to 70% off (depending on the piece).


Another peer-to-peer rental platform I adore is ByRotation and not only do I use the platform as a renter, I rent out my wardrobe on it too! Its very easy to use and allows you rent beautiful clothing form like minded lenders. Some of my favourites include brands like Daily Sleeper, Gucci, Vampire’s Wife and more!


Hurr was the first ever rental service I used in the UK and it is fantastic – serving up a whole host of contemporary and designer goodies perfect for your next party. They offer peer-to-peer and direct rentals as well as being the first rental service that you can rent in person, available at Selfridges in London.


Rotaro is an incredibly cool platform! Unlike Hurr and ByRotation, Rotaro offers direct to consumer rentals from some incredible contemporary and cult brands alike including Stand Studio and Attico. If you are interested in the sustainability side of the business, Rotaro have partnered with Ecologi, a leading social enterprise, to plant trees and offset carbon.

Selfridges Rental

Selfridges have really taken to making sustainable changes where they can and services like Selfridges Rental are integral in that change. Offering pieces suitable for everything – from party wear to skiwear, from handbags to killer boots, they offer rental for both men and women, which is pretty game changing in this industry!

Endless Wardrobe

Endless Wardrobe offer a curated range of high street gems. They actually offer more than rental, you have the option to rent, buy second-hand and to buy brand new from them as well! So if you haven’t been able to get your hands on the “it” piece, check them out because you may just find it there!

For The Creators

For the Creators is such a unique platform, specifically for maternity and post natal fashion. They offer flexible rental periods and clothing to help you and your bump stay fashionable without the expense on buying in all new maternity wear. They also sell their pieces at a discount in their outlet.


Bag crazy like me but not quite ready to commit to spending £1000+ on one?! Then Cocoon is the one for you – their subscription service offers an EXTENSIVE collection of designer bags. On their Flexi membership, you can rent bags for one week at a time!

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