3 Clothing Alteration Services You Need To Know

12th January 2022

A big part of sustainable fashion is the idea of buying clothing to last. With general wear and tear, clothing will naturally deteriorate and need mending or replacing. However, what can you do when you need to do mend or alter your clothing? With more of us buying second hand and/or vintage and sizing not being universal across brands, the need for skilled tailors is growing at super speed. Knowing who, where and what to ask for can leave you in a blur, but there are a few alterations services helping to make the process of taking care of what you own, a little bit easier. Here are my top 3!


Sojo believe in creating a fashion industry in which the clothes that are made and the people who make them are valued in the way they should be. Their repair service is a way for people to give them a new lease of life. The service is really easy to use, just download their app and enter all the info about the item that needs alterations, it will then be picked up by one of their riders and delivered to the seamster, who will return the piece as soon it is is finished! You will need to pin the item yourself and include a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly for reference. If you want to learn more about Sojo, then you can listen here.

The Seam

The Seam is a really user friendly service similar to Sojo, where you can book tailors local to you and book a service and have your items altered in no time at all! They also offer made to measure pieces as well, which is a real treat when you need a dress made quickly. The service prides convenience at it’s core – allowing you to book tailors to do fittings from the comfort of your own home too. They are currently only servicing the London area, but have plans to expand this year!

The Restory

The Restory is an on-demand service providing modern aftercare for luxury fashion. They specialise in shoes, bags and leather goods and are on a mission to make you fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again. They have an extensive Instagram profile showcasing some of their most creative restorations. They are working hard to cultivate a new generation of artisans who proactively seek out ways to improve your experience by developing new techniques to restore your beloved pieces. Available online and even in Selfridges stores.

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