In A Style Rut This New Year? Find Inspo On Pinterest

5th January 2022

For years many of us worldwide have used Pinterest as a means of finding inspiration. Whether it be fashion, beauty, nail art trends or home, Pinterest has always been a hub that I turn to get an idea of what is going on in the fashion world. I try very hard not to sucked into trends, rather I buy pieces that I actually really love, in colours I know will stand the test of time.

The new year, often creates this intense feeling of renewal across the populous. I for one used to feel the pressure to conform to the “new year, new me” hype, often getting caught up in reinventing my style just because a new year had begun.

If you have followed me on Instagram for a while, you will know that in 2021, I took part in the #NoNewClothes challenge, as a means of reducing my consumption and getting into the habit of wearing more of what I own. The challenge meant that I could only buy second-hand or pre-loved items if I did want something new for 3 months. I enjoyed the experience so much that I actually did it again in the summer.

I have lots and lots of saved pins on my boards, full of, IMO, impeccably dressed people, but rarely ever recreate. I decided to put it into action and finally create a few of my saved looks, using pieces I already owned.

I chose a few different looks to recreate and by using items I already owned, it allowed me to mix up my style, make it work for my shape, height and lifestyle and has taught me how to really enjoy what I have in my wardrobe and stop my wearing the same looks again and again. Have you ever tried this? What do you think of these looks? I would love to see your take on it!

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